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Bicycle Service & Repair

Helping You Ride Longer

Our service and repair department is here to help with everything from flat tires to full overhauls to keep your bike riding like the first day you bought it. Below are our most common service packages that will keep your bike running smooth. For repairs, stop in and talk to our mechanics to get an estimate and timeframe on getting you back on the road.

BRONZE  Inspection & Checkover

Was $59.99

Winter Sale Price


(Thru 2/28/22)

Adjust Brakes & Derailleurs

True Wheels

Adjust Headset,
Hubs & Bottom Bracket

Lube Chain & Cables

Inflate Tires



Was $109.99

Winter Sale Price


(Thru 2/28/22)

Complete Tune-Up Plus:

Basic Drivetrain Clean and Lube

Thoroughly wipe down Frame, Fork, Wheels, make your bicycle look good again!



Was $169.99

Winter Sale Price


(Thru 2/28/22)

Premium Tune-Up Plus:

Remove and Thoroughly Clean Drivetrain with our BRAND NEW High Tech Ultra Sonic Parts Cleaner.

We also Polish Frame and Fork for a nice look!


Was $299.99

Winter Sale Price


(Thru 2/28/22)

Premium PLUS Tune-Up Plus:

Complete disassembly of entire bicycle!

Go over entire bike from Headset to Bottom Bracket.

*Parts not included

Flat Tire


Replace Tire, Tube, and Rim Strip as Needed

*Parts not included

Gear Adjustment


Adjust Cable Tension, Trim, and Alignment On One Derailleur

Brake Adjustment


Adjust and Align One Rim or Disc Brake

Wheel True


Adjust Spoke Tension so Wheel Spins True

Replace Chain


Cut Chain to Correct Length and Install on Bike

*Chain not included

Replace Freewheel or Cassette


Remove Freewheel or Cassette and Install New Part

*Parts not included

Install and Align Cleats On Bike Shoes


Install Cleats for Clipless Pedals on Bike Shoes

Adjust Fore and Aft Cleat Position to Ensure a  Painless and Effective Pedal Stroke

*Cleats not included

Replace Broken Spoke


Replace Broken Spoke(s) and True Wheel

*Additional $2 Per Spoke

*Please be aware that replacement parts are an extra charge

Meet the Mechanic

About Our Team

Our bike mechanics are trained and certified to repair and service all types of bicycles. From kid's bike assembly to pro-level race prep, we can handle it all. Worried about the weird sound you hear when you shift? Stop by and we'll make sure your bike is working perfectly.

Bike Repair

When you ride hard, things happen. From bent derailleurs to crooked wheels, our mechanics have you covered. Bring your bike in today for a free estimate. Our turnaround time is usually 48 hours once we have the parts on hand. Your bike couldn't be in better hands.

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